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VFD - Variable Speed Drive Cable



Variable Speed Drive Cable
National : CSA C22.2 N° 123; CSA C22.2 N° 174
Modern drive technology has enhanced the performance of industrial motors. Decreased switching time of the electronics in Variable Frequency, Pulse Width Modulation or Vector drives, means specialized cables connecting the drive unit and the motor become critical to the performance of these systems.  cable is specially constructed to meet the challenges of modern adjustable speed drive systems.

Drive manufacturers recommend the cable construction, with the corrugated continuous aluminum sheath and 3 bonding conductors.

The three conductor construction virtually eliminates magnetic fields outside of the cable, so induced voltage from one power cable to another or cross talk to control/instrumentation cables is also reduced. The continuous aluminum sheath (as opposed to interlocked armour) acts as an effective shield for high frequency "noise" that may still be produced and could affect adjacent control and instrumentation cables. This sheath, in combination with the three grounding conductors, also acts as a long-term low resistance path to the ground. This will eliminate standing voltages that may be created on the motor frame and also reduce bearing currents due to this standing voltage or to common mode voltage.



The cable is recommended for industrial, commercial and utility installations including outdoor wet locations. It can be installed in tray, conduit or direct buried, strapped to walls or surface mounted. Although  can be installed in tray or conduit, mechanical protection is NOT required, as impact and crush resistant. Cable temperature rating is 90ºC to -40ºC.  is flame, oil and UV resistant. Certification to standard C22.2 No. 174 allows installation in hazardous locations.